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Gdansk > The Department of Etnography - National Museum in Gdańsk

The Department of Etnography - National Museum in Gdańsk

Cystersów 19
80-330, Gdansk, Poland
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+48 58 552 12 71
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The Department of Etnography - National Museum in Gdańsk
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The Department of Ethnography was established in 1958 at what was then the Pomeranian Museum in Gdańsk. The Departments of Polish Ethnography, Non-European Cultures and Documentation & History provide the means to study the culture of the indigenous people of Gdańsk Pomerania, the population relocated to Pomerania, as well as the people who were displaced from this region.

The Department of Ethnography has a number of collections which are far more than just of regional interest, including a collection of artefacts related to the Dutch Mennonite settlers who lived in the Żuławy Lowlands until 1945, the non-European collection, the collection of objects, photographs and archives brought by the population relocated from the former Eastern Borderlands of Poland after World War II and the collection of ethnographic artefacts from the regions neighbouring Gdańsk Pomerania.
The most valuable pieces in the collection of some 10,000 artefacts can be found in the ensemble of folk furniture, art and handicraft, mainly from Gdańsk Pomerania: Kashubia, Kociewie, the Żuławy Lowlands, the areas by the lower River Vistula (Powiśle) and the Tuchola Forest (Bory Tucholskie). The items come chiefly from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, although there are also older artefacts, including ones that date back to the 16th century, and contemporary items.

The most important part of the exhibit is its permanent exhibition: The Folk Culture of Gdańsk Pomerania, while the small collection of non-European artefacts presents items which used to be kept in Gdańsk’s Green Gate, where Gdańskers of old would donate exhibits brought from their foreign travels.
The Department of Ethnography is housed in the historical Abbot’s Granary in Oliwa Park, Gdańsk.
The Abbot’s Granary also accommodates a specialist ethnographic library with over 4000 items, a photography and documentation archive, as well as an archive compiled from the items showcased at exhibitions dedicated to the former Eastern Borderlands of Poland.

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