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Gdansk > The Gdańsk Photography Gallery - National Museum in Gdańsk

The Gdańsk Photography Gallery - National Museum in Gdańsk

Grobla I 8/11
80-834, Gdansk, Poland
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+48 58 301 71 47
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The Gdańsk Photography Gallery - National Museum in Gdańsk
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The Museum’s photography collection was established in 1998, when the National Museum took over the collection of the former gallery of the Pomeranian Branch of the Association of Polish Art Photographers and created four main units: Gdańsk Photography, Photography of the former Eastern Borderlands of Poland, Art Photography and Miscellany. The photographs in the collection, however, date back to 1870: it contains chiefly photographs and negatives, although there are also diapositives (including reversal film on glass plates) and daguerrotypes.

Gdańsk Photography and Photography of the former Eastern Borderlands of Poland are the two largest units which feature photographs taken in Gdańsk and its vicinity and the former Eastern Borderlands of Poland, respectively. The photographs have significant historical value and depict the everyday life of families and institutions in the former Eastern Borderlands of Poland on the one hand and images of Gdańsk on the other. The Gdańsk Photography Collection from the period 1900─2009 is especially important, as it covers almost the entire 20th century, with special emphasis on the last years of World War II, the wartime destruction and the rebuilding of the city, the activity of the Gdańsk port and Shipyard as the cradle which gave birth to the democratic transformation at the turn of the 1980s and 90s.

The notable photographic works exhibited at the Gallery include St Mary’s Church Tower in the Fog by Zygmunt Reinhardt, Vilnius – Fair – Balloons by Kazimierz Lelewicz, Vilnius Region Characters 1904: The Herb Seller by Stanisław Filibert Fleury and John and Richard on a Sofa, a photograph poster by Jacqueline Livingston.

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