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Gdansk > The Granaries - National Maritime Museum

The Granaries - National Maritime Museum

Ołowianka 9-13
80-751, Gdansk, Poland
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+48 58 301 86 11, +48 58 301 86 12
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The Granaries - National Maritime Museum
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The majority of granaries in Gdańsk were destroyed as a result of war actions in 1945. The walls of three of them were preserved on Ołowianka and after reconstruction in 1985 they became the main exhibition area for National Maritime Museum. The oldest one is the Gothic granary "Oliwski", after 1677 called "Klasztorny" (Closter). Its name derives from the Cistercian Order from Oliwa. The Baroque granary "Panna" (Maiden) was named after a sculpture standing once on its top (first mentioned in 1709), and it was built in place of an older medieval granary, "Szkarpawski". "Miedź" (Copper) granary’s name obviously comes from the type of good once stored there. There used to be a wooden or stone-carved plaque on the front of each granary specifying its name. Two plaques on the "Oliwski" granary have been preserved with the dates 1677 and 1738.

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