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Warsaw > Old Town

Old Town

Stare Miasto
Warsaw, Poland
Old Town
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Warsaw’s Old Town is the only reconstructed object in the world which is on the UNESCO world heritage list. The Marketplace, the Royal Palace and surrounding little streets create an unique atmosphere that is worth to be more familiar with, when you visit the capital of Poland. A walk around the Old Town means an immersion into the history of Warsaw and a possibility to know its old architecture. You can feel this vibrant antique centre of the city and meet people visiting numerous museums, shops, exhibitions and little restaurants. Those places possess its own charming riddles. Only in here you will find out why some bell has never rang, some house has it’s wall narrower then its window and what is caterpillar of tank doing in the cathedral’s wall… A tour around the Old Town is a unforgettable experience that can last more then one day!

Best visit time: 2 h 0 min.


castle, church, historical, souvenirs, view, Vistula river

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