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Warsaw > Botel


Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie
00-390, Warsaw, Poland
phone number
+48 501 211 651
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Botel is a one of the most original places to stay in Warsaw. Located on Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie Street, Botel is nothing other than two boats moored on Vistula river in this place. In private cabins we can find 65 beds for guests, who have an access to bathrooms in the corridors, a kitchen and TV room. Free of charge Internet and wi-fi available. Because of Polish climate, this hostel works temporarily - from April to December. Everyone who likes water "climates" and swinging - not after a few drinks - should check this place and make it of a base during staying in the capital.

Cost level: $

Available from:2014-04-01 till: 2014-12-31


accommodation, affordable prices, fridge, Internet, kitchen, parking, pets, shower, tv, view, Vistula river, wi-fi


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